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Fluesbrothers Chimney Service of Kansas City provides professional chimney liner replacement and repair for our customers in Overland Park, KS, Olathe, KS, Edgerton, KS, De Soto, KS, Blue Valley, MO, Blue Springs, MO, and throughout the entire Kansas City, KS/Kansas City, MO, region.

Any time the subject of chimneys comes up, the subject of safety comes up right along with it. Undoubtedly the most important safety element in a chimney is the chimney liner. A strong liner that’s in good repair will shield vulnerable areas of your chimney and home from intense heat. Liners that are cracked, split or otherwise compromised are unsafe, and the fireplaces connected with them should not be used until the liners are repaired or replaced.

How to Know if Your Chimney Liner Is Damaged

If you have a clay liner, as many older homes do, you might notice clay chips or entire tiles inside your firebox. That’s a clear sign of a problem. Depending on the nature of the damage, chimney liners can collect excess creosote and soot, leading to a foul odor coming from the firebox. Drafting problems also can occur in this scenario.

Unfortunately, it’s not easy for the average homeowner to assess the condition of a chimney liner. Certified chimney inspectors have the equipment and hands-on training to assess damage within the liner and recommend the correct course of action to remedy it.

Virtually every fire safety agency and chimney industry organization in the U.S. recommends annual inspections and cleaning for chimneys connected to wood-burning appliances. If it’s been more than a year since your Kansas City-area home had a thorough chimney inspection, call Fluesbrothers today for a complete assessment of your chimney liner.

Why a New Chimney Liner Might Be Needed

Here are some of the reasons our CSIA- and NFI-certified chimney professionals would recommend a new chimney liner:

  • Deteriorating clay mortar in the lining
  • Cracks in the tiles of a clay chimney liner
  • Flaking clay on the interior walls of the liner
  • Gaps appearing between tiles
  • Damage from water, fire, normal house-settling or lightning
  • The chimney has no liner
  • A new appliance is being added or a conversion (from gas to wood fuel, for example) is being made

Chimney Liner Repair and Replacement Kansas City

Moderate damage to the liner can be repaired, in some cases. In other cases – especially if your liner is very old – we’re going to recommend a new liner installation to ensure many years of safe fireplace operation. Whether you have a clay, cast-in-place or metal chimney liner, the system eventually can become unsound after years of use, constant moisture, a chimney fire and other factors.

A popular chimney liner replacement option that is ideal in many applications is the Forever Flex chimney liner. This is a sturdy stainless steel liner featuring a 7-ply system that creates an extremely air- and water-tight environment. Forever Flex liners are so strong, they’re backed by an industry exclusive “Forever Warranty.” Our crews are experts in the installation of Forever Flex chimney liners.

Every chimney is different, and it takes a technician with specialized training and experience to be able to inspect a chimney liner and the surrounding chimney structure and then make recommendations that will properly address problems and ensure safety for everyone in the home. Because chimney liners are the most important safety feature of any chimney system, you should only work with technicians who carry top-level industry certifications.

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If it’s time to take a close look at your chimney liner, Fluesbrothers’ certified chimney experts are standing by. We perform chimney liner replacement and repair as well as full-scale chimney cleaning, chimney repair/rebuilding and stove and fireplace installation. Give us a call in Kansas City at (913) 236-7141 with questions or to schedule an appointment.