Questions to Ask When Receiving Bids From Multiple Companies - Fluesbrothers Chimney Service
We often get asked about price matching. We like to repeat a quote often heard, “we will match their price when they match our service”.

The Fluesbrothers Guarantee: We will match any reasonable BID that is the exact same, comparing “apples to apples”. Same material, same sizing, same vendor, and BID by another CSIA certified company. 

As with all trades, not all companies are created equal.

Questions to ask:

  1. Is the company CSIA certified? This ensures you are getting a company that cares enough to go to school and take two exams to be a certified chimney sweep, they must maintain 40 hours of continuing education every three years to renew that certification. Additionally, they are held to a code of ethics listed on the back of their badges. Do they have a Master Certified Sweep on staff? This is an additional credential awarded to sweeps who have maintained their certification for 10 or more years and completed additional education. You may also ask the sweep performing the work at your home for his/her four-digit certification number. To learn more or to check the company’s credentials visit
  2. Was a Level 2 camera inspection performed? As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. The naked eye is unable to view all parts of the inside of a chimney without a camera. It is often in these places the naked eye cannot go that flue cracks and deterioration are found.
  3. Are the bids comparing “apples to apples”? For example, a utility flue venting the furnace should be lined with a stainless-steel liner, you will be able to find companies that will bid an aluminum liner. In the case of a stainless-steel chimney liner for the fireplace, are they insulating the liner? While most companies will not put this detail down (including ours) you must ask or you may end up paying less but receiving a liner that does not meet the codes, standards, manufacturers guidelines and warranty. Does the liner come as a kit, meaning a standard cap is included?
  4. This might be the most important point, what is the company’s reputation? We are fortunate to live in a world where you can quickly see reviews on any company you choose to do business with. Google is usually the best way.- How many reviews does the company have?
    – What are the customers saying about the company?
    – Do the reviews appear to be legitimate, not employees or family members of the company?
    – How recent are the reviews?
    – Does the company respond to the reviews, both negative and positive ones?
    – How long has the company been in business? Fluesbrothers has been around for nearly two decades.
    – Is the company phone answered by a live person that works for the company during set business hours? Be leery if you call multiple times and have to leave a voicemail.
    – Does the company have a physical, brick and mortar location you can visit them at if you have any issues or need to follow-up? You can visit Fluesbrothers at 1701 Southwest Boulevard in Kansas City, Kansas anytime Monday-Friday from 8-4.
    – Does the company have a strong on-line presence and is it positive? Look at their Facebook, their website, their Instagram etc.
    – What is the company’s reputation in your community? Ask around.
  5. What is the warranty on work they recommend?
  6. Do they provide a list upon request of previous customer references you can call.
  7. Does the company background check and drug screen all their employees? Additionally, are they employees of the company or are they sub-contractors?
  8. Does the company have a quality control person on staff?
  9. Does the company have proper workers compensation and liability insurance that they will provide you copies of?

Work With Us

Fluesbrothers meets or exceeds all the questions listed on this sheet. Please feel free to call our office or visit us at our brick and mortar location with additional questions or to schedule work.

We highly encourage you to visit our website at and click on video resources to view videos of the most common repairs and issues.