Certified Chimney Inspection In Overland Park KS - Level 2 Inspections

Chimney Inspection In Overland Park KS | Keep Your Chimney Safe

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Our customers throughout the Overland Park, KS, area count on us to provide timely chimney inspections and any necessary repair and maintenance services to keep their chimneys in tip-top shape all year long. Fluesbrothers Chimney of Overland Park is ready to help with all your chimney and fireplace needs.


Why You Should Have a Chimney Inspection

If it’s been longer than a year or so since your chimney was last inspected, now is the time to arrange for service. Just because you don’t notice any “major” problems with your chimney doesn’t mean everything is operating as it should.


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Professional, certified chimney inspectors are trained to spot early signs of damage and recommend swift action to solve the problems they uncover. If left alone, small areas of damage can quickly become large areas that are expensive and time-consuming to fix.

Overland Park KS level 2 chimney inspectionThe Typical Overland Park Chimney Inspection (Level 2)

While each chimney is unique, there are certain things our licensed and insured inspectors look for in every inspection they perform. We utilize Chim-Scan technology to take photos and view a live video of the inside of your chimney system from top to bottom.

Chimney inspections typically focus on:

  • The condition of the bricks and mortar
  • Signs of water leaks/water damage
  • Cracks in the chimney crown
  • Warped or missing roof flashing
  •  Damage to the chimney cap
  • Chimney liner damage
  • Dampers that don’t open or close fully

These and all other parts of your chimney must be in good shape to operate in a way that is safe and efficient. It’s easy to schedule a chimney inspection – just give us a call, and we’ll complete the job in a single visit and make recommendations on any needed repair services.

Common Signs of Chimney Damage

As we said, a lot of problems can happen within a chimney or its components and not be obvious right away. However, certain kinds of problems can easily be spotted in your Overland Park home including:

  • Crumbling mortar on the roof near your chimney (masonry is decaying for some reason)
  • Odd/intense smells coming from the fireplace (could mean a water leak or excess creosote)
  • Smoke backing up into the home (likely a drafting obstruction, but if excessive, could be a chimney fire)
  • Water in the firebox (sure sign of a leaky chimney)
  • White staining on the exterior chimney masonry (water has gotten into the bricks)

These are common signs of chimney damage. But whether or not you notice any of them, it’s important to arrange for annual chimney inspection services from technicians who care about your chimney and your family’s safety.

professional chimney inspection in Overland Park KS

Never Hire a “Handyman” for Chimney Inspections

A lot of people think they know all about chimneys and fireplaces, but hiring a novice or local Overland Park “handyman” to check out your system is asking for trouble down the line.

CSIA-certified technicians, such as those who are part of the Fluesbrothers team, have demonstrated the highest level of knowledge and the extensive hands-on training and experience that’s required when assessing the condition of chimney structures.

The CSIA certification along with certification by the National Fireplace Institute (NFI) are among the most stringent certifications in the hearth industry. When a tech holds these credentials, you know you’re getting the very best in the business.

If it’s time to have your Overland Park, KS, chimney looked at, give us a call at (913) 229-3678. We provide all the services you need to keep your chimney and fireplace safe and in great condition including chimney sweep, chimney repair, chimney rebuilding, fireplace/stove/insert installations and other services. We’re here to exceed your expectations.