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Fluesbrothers is Overland Park’s best source for high-quality gas and wood-burning fireplace insert, installation, maintenance, and repair. We also serve Belton, Gardner, Olathe, Prairie Village, and communities throughout the Greater Kansas City area.

Overland Park, KS Fireplace Inserts Store

Fluesbrothers Chimney & Fireplace Store offers a vast selection of energy-efficient gas and wood-burning fireplace inserts. These self-contained heating appliances are enclosed in a fire-resistant steel or iron firebox installed directly inside the space of an existing masonry or prefab fireplace. They offer the style and ambiance of a conventional fire-burning experience without the creosote, soot, and heat loss of a masonry fireplace. A fireplace insert is a closed-combustion system that's safe for installation in homes or condos without a chimney. Installation is quick and easy without fireplace or chimney modifications or repairs.

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Are Fireplace Inserts Efficient?

Unlike a masonry fireplace that loses up to 85% of the heat it generates up the chimney, a fireplace insert retains 70% to 85% of the heat in its sealed firebox. In addition, a built-in blower motor is a powerful feature that distributes heat throughout the living area. Its higher heating efficiency means you won't need to use your oil or electric furnace as often, reducing energy bills. You can even install a fireplace insert upstairs or in other living areas for zone heating that eliminates the need for central heat. Fireplace inserts are also more environmentally friendly and easier to clean and maintain.

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Gas-Burning Inserts

Many folks in Overland Park are installing a gas-burning insert to convert their existing wood-burning fireplace into a cleaner-burning, more energy-efficient home heating source without sacrificing the ambiance of a wood fire. It also provides continuous heat without buying, storing, and loading logs. Gas inserts are as simple as flipping a switch or operating a remote. A built-in thermostat maintains the desired temperature for automatic, continuous heat.

wood burning fireplace insert, overland park ks

Wood-Burning Fireplace Inserts

A wood-burning fireplace insert is hard to beat when you want to experience the crackling sounds, aromatics, and dancing flames that only a natural wood fire can offer. With up to 70% heating efficiency and higher, these energy-efficient heating appliances will provide plenty of heat for keeping your living space warm and cozy.

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CSIA-Certified Installation Technicians

Size matters when it comes to fireplace inserts. It's vital to select an insert that will fit snugly inside the existing space. When you choose Fluesbrothers, CSIA-certified technicians install all fireplace inserts, ensuring your insert is installed by someone with the expertise, training, & tools to install your new heating appliance safely & efficiently.

How to Choose the Correct Insert for Your Overland Park Home

The certified experts at Fluesbrothers Chimney & Fireplace will help you select the best insert for your home heating requirements and budget. Before making a selection, you will need to obtain your existing firebox's precise measurements (width, height, and depth). We offer the area’s largest selection of top-performing heating appliances and accessories in many different stylish designs from leading manufacturers like Regency, Napoleon, and Valor that will give your home the ambiance you desire.

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Visit the Fluesbrothers Chimney & Fireplace Store at 1701 Southwest Blvd in Kansas City, KS, for the best selection of gas and wood vented and ventless inserts. We are conveniently located off Monarch Hwy (I-35), just minutes from Overland Park, KS, Lake Quivira, KS, Lee’s Summit, MO, Mission, KS, and Prairie Village, KS. Call (913) 236-7141 to schedule an appointment or contact us online today.