What Is A Top Mount Damper? - Kansas City Chimney Service

In the anatomy of your chimney, the damper is often times the least understood, and most forgotten, component. The two main types of dampers are throat dampers, which tend to be what someone thinks of when the word damper is thrown around, and top mount dampers. We prefer using the top mount dampers for a variety of reasons, mainly because of their efficiency and ease of use.

Top Mount Chimney damper in Prairie Village KSWhat’s the Difference?

The traditional or throat damper sits right out of eye view at the back of the fireplace. The top mount damper actually sits at the top of the chimney, much like a chimney cap. The general function of each damper is the same though, to control how much smoke and gas produced by a fire is released up the chimney and out into the world.

Why are Top Mount Dampers Better?

We promote top mount dampers because they are more effective than their counterparts. Right out of the gate, they are much easier to access. Instead of having to search around for the damper at the rear of your fireplace, a top mount damper has a cable and handle that drops from the top of the chimney and near the hearth of your fire. There are several methods that different companies use to open and close, but they are all incredibly simple to use.

Once the damper is closed, the top mount damper seal completely separates the outside water, animals, and any extra debris from your ideal temperature inside your home. Some models do that even when the damper is open! The seal, made of silicone rubber, is airtight. Creating such a seal between the outside world and your home is fantastic for your utility bills, as the heat or air conditioning actually stays in your house. With a throat damper, winter brings a “cold core” of snow and ice that settles in your chimney, cooling your house. Being cold is the last thing you want when it is already cold outside, so having a damper that stops the cold from even entering the chimney is an ideal situation.

Consider updating your current damper with a new top mount for increased ease of use and lower costs for heating and cooling. While you are at it, make an appointment with us today to talk about your options and receive your annual chimney inspection and cleaning at our website. We look forward to hearing from you!