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Chimney masonry repair in Mission Hills KSDoes your chimney need masonry repair, but you’re putting it off for warmer weather? Delaying masonry repair in the winter is common. Home repair wisdom has long held that masonry materials won’t hold up to cold winter temperatures, and therefore, masonry repairs should be performed before cold weather hits in the fall or put off until spring. But do you really need to put off needed repairs?

Why wintertime masonry repairs are possible

Traditional masonry repairs are not meant for use when temperatures drop below 40 degrees. That means winter’s cold temperatures and often wet weather aren’t well suited to traditional masonry materials. However, you don’t have to put off your masonry repairs until the spring!

There are several ways to work around the cold, wet winter weather when it comes to masonry repairs. Some new masonry materials can be used despite frigid temperatures. And even when working with traditional masonry materials, there are ways to successfully complete repairs. Masons can tarp around the areas that need to be repaired to keep them warmer and dryer. Masonry materials can be warmed before use, and heaters can be deployed to keep masonry work warm enough to cure.

When masonry repairs shouldn’t be delayed

In many cases, putting off masonry repairs for warmer weather can be the worst possible decision! Often when masonry is in disrepair, it will fail to keep out moisture. During winter’s sleet, snow and freezing rain, that can mean water pouring down your chimney or seeping into your home’s structure.

Water can be especially damaging to chimney masonry, and unchecked chimney damage can worsen during winter months, due to freeze-thaw cycles. When water makes its way into damaged chimney masonry, it can freeze and expand. That can cause the masonry to crack and crumble, making masonry damage worse. Ultimately, when you put off masonry repairs during the winter, you leave your home and your chimney susceptible to water damage.

chimney masonry repair in Lenexa KSA damaged masonry chimney also can prevent you from enjoying your fireplace during the winter months. Some chimney damage compromises the ability of your chimney to do its job — keeping your home safe from the heat and gases of your fireplace. By having your chimney repaired during the winter, you can restore the function of your chimney and spend the rest of winter enjoying your fireplace!

Who to call for winter masonry repairs

Many masonry repair companies won’t take on winter projects, but at Fluesbrothers Chimney Service, we have the materials, the experience and the know-how to repair your chimney this winter, before your damaged chimney has time to deteriorate further or cause water damage to your home or fireplace. Call today to set up your appointment! Our trained masons can evaluate your masonry damage and set the proper course of action to keep your home and chimney safe from further damage and to restore the look and function of your chimney!