What Makes My Chimney Smell? - Kansas City Chimney Sweep

When it comes to a home, perhaps nothing unsettles homeowners like a bad smell that permeates the air and seems to be impossible to get rid of. If you have a chimney, summer’s heat and humidity can bring about foul smells that can have you asking: Why does my chimney smell?

Why chimneys smellwhy does my chimney smell in Overland Park KS

Chimney odors have a variety of causes. Creosote left within the chimney during summer months can smell of burnt asphalt. Animal nests can cause the smell of animal droppings to fill your home. Trapped animals can bring the smell of decay. A buildup of leaves and twigs can fill your home with a compost-like smell. Water leaks can cause your home to smell moist, like mold and mildew. Of course, as with any odor, chimney smells intensify with summer’s heat and humidity. Those smells can permeate your home even more severely if your chimney is allowing air to draft back into the home, rather than pulling air up and out the top as it is meant to.

Eliminating summertime chimney odors

Getting rid of your chimney’s odor, and getting the smell out of your house, begins with a chimney sweeping and inspection. A chimney sweep will remove anything that could be causing odors, including creosote, animal nests and debris like leaves and twigs. Your chimney sweep also will inspect your chimney for leaks that
could be causing or exacerbating odors. Your chimney sweep also can advise you on preventing chimney odors in the future.

Preventing chimney odors

In addition to regular sweepings, there are other ways that you can keep chimney odors out of your home. A chimney cap or a top-sealing chimney damper can keep animals and debris from entering your chimney and causing odors. They also can keep drafts from finding their way down your chimney and forcing odors into your home.

chimney & fireplace cleaning in Lees Summit MOOften, when chimney odors are finding their way back into your home, the chimney’s draft is to blame. Air should flow out of your home, into the chimney and out above your roofline. If chimney odors, particularly mild ones, are entering your home, that is a sign that your chimney isn’t drafting properly. This can be due to your chimney’s construction or due to negative air pressure within your home. Your chimney sweep can advise you on improving your chimney’s draft to keep odors from entering your home. In cases where drafts are severe and can’t easily be corrected, exhaust fans can be placed atop the chimney to keep the air flowing in the right direction to keep odors at bay.

If you are suffering from summertime chimney odors, don’t suffer any longer! Call Fluesbrothers Chimney Service to schedule an appointment today. We can sweep your chimney to ensure that it is free from odor-causing creosote, animals, and debris, and we will help you find the best solutions for keeping summertime chimney odors from coming back to plague your home.