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On the surface, chimney sweeping may seem relatively straightforward. Your sweep uses a series of brushes to clear debris away from your flue to help prevent chimney fires and other chimney problems. Then, your sweep inspects the chimney inside and out for potential problems. However, chimney sweeping is so much more than that. It’s vital that your chimney sweep stays up to date on the latest fireplace and chimney information and products, and hones his or her sweeping, repair and installation skills.

Chimney sweep in Prairie Village KSContinuous Learning

That’s why your chimney sweep goes to a national convention! In fact, the National Chimney Sweep Guild has been putting on its annual national convention for 40 years. The convention draws in chimney sweeps from across the country. They sit in on seminars, network with other chimney sweeps, view the latest products and technologies, and attend a trade show featuring a variety of industry tools and products.

Some of the things your chimney sweep will learn about at this year’s National Convention, to be held this month in Louisville, Kentucky, include:

  • How to build a cricket to protect your roofline from water leaks at the base of the chimney,
  • How fireplaces are tested,
  • Handling billing while keeping customers happy,
  • Effective removal of animals from chimneys,
  • First aid for chimney sweeps,
  • How to provide better customer service and better handle sales,
  • How to identify and appeal to customers who are good candidates for outfitting their hearths with factory-built fireplaces.

During the convention, your chimney sweep also will learn more about operating their businesses. Remember, your chimney sweep isn’t just cleaning and servicing your chimney and fireplace; they are part of a small, local business, as well! During the convention, chimney sweeps also can sit through certification exams from the Chimney Safety Institute of America.

Why it Matters

So why does your chimney sweep find it so important to attend a national convention? In the end, the National Chimney Sweep Guild’s annual convention comes down to providing you, the homeowner and customer, with the best service possible. By attending the national convention, your chimney sweep continues the development of his or her knowledge and skills in the chimney and fireplace industry and learns how to better run his business to keep customers happy and the business growing.
At Fluesbrothers Chimney Service, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best chimney and fireplace care, the most knowledgeable chimney and fireplace experts, the best products in the industry and consistent, friendly and quality customer service. That’s why your Fluesbrothers chimney sweep is proud to be a part of the chimney and fireplace industry’s trade groups. It is also why your chimney sweep will be attending a national chimney sweeping convention.