Will My House Get Dirty When My Chimney Is Getting Cleaned?

This is a very valid question, one that a lot of homeowners are wondering about. You don’t have to be a chimney professional to know that all the dust, ash, soot and other remnants inside a fireplace and chimney could wreak havoc on your carpeting and furniture. Fortunately, certified chimney sweeps know this, too, and they know how to keep it from happening.

Professional Chimney Cleaning, Overland Park, KSChimney cleaning 101

In brief, chimney sweeps are the technicians who perform chimney cleaning. The best among them hold certifications through the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and have undergone extensive training.

The reason chimney flues need cleaning on an annual basis is two-fold:

  1. Remove flammable creosote: This substance is added to the flue every time a wood fire burns. Creosote is responsible for most chimney fires in the U.S. each year.
  2. Remove drafting obstructions: Debris such as leaves, twigs and the nests of small animals will narrow the flue and prevent smoke and carbon monoxide from drafting properly.

To thoroughly clean the inside of a chimney, the professional chimney sweep uses specialized tools such as electric rods and scrapers, hand-held brushes and scrubbers, cleaning solvents and heavy-duty commercial vacuums. All these tools and the sweep’s experience ensure that the job will be done correctly and cleanly.

Preventing a mess during chimney sweeping

While this work can be pretty messy, chimney technicians have a system to protect areas of your home adjacent to the work area. Coverings are laid down on the carpet area outside the chimney. Furnishings are covered as are any other items near the fireplace while work is in progress.

The spread of dust and ash is greatly minimized by the use of the chimney sweep’s vacuum, which is powerful enough to pull in the majority particles that could become airborne and mar carpets, rugs, draperies, furniture and other items.

A good chimney cleaning technician is very aware of the importance of protecting the work environment. He or she is committed to performing an outstanding job in every way from the moment the equipment is brought into the house until the sweep leaves for the next job.

Professional Chimney Sweeps, Overland Park, KSHow you can help the chimney cleaning process

Your chimney sweep will take every precaution to keep your home mess-free while cleaning your chimney. You can help the process by making sure the area around the fireplace is free of furniture and other obstacles, giving the sweep plenty of room to work.

If you have friendly (or non-friendly!) dogs, put them in the yard or in a secure room until your technician is finished. Finally, keep an eye on your children and let them know to not bother the chimney sweep or play with any of the “curious” tools laid out around the fireplace.

As with all chimney services including chimney inspection and chimney repair work, chimney sweeping should be a painless process that leaves no sign behind that anybody was even there.

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