Does Your Chimney Have Water Damage? - Kansas City Chimney Experts

All the proof you need of the power of water plus time: any of the many vast, deep-cut canyons and gorges you can see across our country. And the same types of weathering that carved out those canyons -- including the freeze/thaw cycle -- can do significant damage to your masonry chimney, inside and out, if you're not keeping up with regular chimney maintenance.

You don't even have to have a leaky chimney to have water damage in or around your chimney. Parts of your chimney's exterior that were designed to protect it against water are often the first places to fall prey to water. If water damage is plaguing your chimney system, Fluesbrothers technicians can help by assessing the damage, and providing any necessary repairs.

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Common Chimney Water Damage Repairs

Repairs will differ from chimney to chimney -- an inspection will allow us to see what a particular chimney needs to be its best again. But here are a few of the more common water damage repairs we do on a regular basis:

Chimney Crown Repair

Your crown is there to divert water away from the flue opening, but since it gets bombarded by rain and snow and sun and heat day after day, it's not uncommon for cracks to develop, which quickly worsen and let more water in. Depending on the damage, we can repair a crown with a sealant product or build a new crown.

Masonry Repairs

Bricks and mortar are tough materials, but like those canyon walls, they'll get worn down by water over time. That can mean receded mortar joints that need to be tuckpointed, or all-around brick degradation that's allowing water to wick right into the chimney’s interior. Repairs vary depending on the damage, but waterproofing is a great way to strengthen older masonry or protect newer masonry against the effects of water.

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Chimney Chase Top Repair

If you have a prefabricated chimney system, you’ll have a chase cover installed at the top to protect the system from water intrusion. If that cover is rusty or poorly installed, water damage is almost certain. We replace damaged or incorrectly sized chase covers with well-made products that provide the kind of protection you need.

Those are just a few of the kinds of water damage Fluesbrothers sees on a regular basis. Do you have questions about water intrusion or water damage, or do you need to have your chimney system looked at? Just give us a call -- our experienced technicians will be glad to help!