Chimney & Fireplace Fire Safety - Kansas City Chimney Experts

The weather is changing outside and we couldn’t be more excited! Cooler temperatures mean that all our hard work pays off, and our customers get to enjoy a nice fire in their well-maintained fireplace. It is good to keep in mind these tips for keeping you and your home safe this season.

chimney inspection in Mission Hills KSFor your fireplace or stove:

After your regularly scheduled sweeping and inspection by the Fluesbrothers, there are some pointers that will make building and maintaining a fire easier to enjoy. Before building the fire, make sure that there is a three-foot clearance around the area where the fire will be burning. This will prevent any stray sparks or embers from catching fire to anything around it. Investing in a screen for your firebox would also help this situation, but keeping that clearance is necessary, regardless. When starting the fire, don’t use a large amount of easily burned paper or magazines and choose wood that is seasoned and burns cleanly, not soft wood like pine or cedar. The overload of smoke and heat on the cold chimney could catch fire to any creosote buildup that has developed. Also, don’t use liquid fire starter or gasoline to accelerate the growth of your fire. Too much could cause an explosion of sorts and catch fire to anything close by. When the night of fun is over, remember to not close the damper until the ash is cool, otherwise carbon monoxide could leak into your home.

Space and kerosene heaters:

When your fireplace or stove is too much, a portable heater can seem like an attractive choice of heat. Remember that three-foot rule: Having clearance around your heater can mean that any heat released won’t be absorbed by flammable material and cause a fire. This includes clothes that need to dry or furniture. Though they are toasty to have on near your bed, turn them off before you go to sleep in case something catches fire and you aren’t awake to know about it.

Other tips for your home:

Setting the mood with a variety of lit candles is a beautiful way to add more ambience to a room, but it’s not safe. Eliminate any freestanding candles that aren’t enclosed by glass or that are close to being out of wax. Keep candles away from areas in your home with a lot of traffic, and keep them away from flammable curtains or rugs.

Above all else, the importance of having functional smoke alarms throughout your home is absolutely required before using any sort of heat source in your home. A carbon monoxide alarm should also be installed if possible. Accidents happen, and we want you to be prepared! Call us with any questions about your family’s safety this upcoming season and have us out to properly sweep and inspect your chimney.