Should I Hire A Professional To Fix My Fireplace & Chimney Problems?

Fireplaces and chimneys are pretty simple devices, on the surface. But in order to run correctly and safely, a lot of pieces are involved. Having regular chimney inspections, chimney repairs and chimney cleaning will keep everything in the best shape possible – but only when these tasks are performed by trained and certified chimney specialists.

Dangers of doing your own chimney work

Chimney Sweep In Overland Park, KSFireplace and chimney technicians have spent many years learning all the ins and outs of how these units work and how to make them work when they don’t. When the technician is certified by the National Fireplace Institute and the Chimney Safety Institute of America, his or her scope of knowledge is even wider.

When a novice performs certain types of work on chimneys and fireplace, a lot of problems can result. For example:

Without the proper tools and training, a novice can take a relatively minor problem and turn it into something major.


The novice doesn’t understand the significance of various types of chimney and fireplace damage and may overlook a problem that can become a serious safety risk for those living in the home. When a person isn’t specifically trained in chimney service, he or she may spend huge amounts of time trying to fix a problem without actually fixing it at all.

The unskilled novice can easily become injured when attempting chimney repairs, cleaning or inspection. It’s highly unlikely that a person without the right tools and experience will be able to properly clean flammable creosote out of a chimney. There’s also the homeowners insurance element to consider. Few insurance carriers will pay for damage caused by an amateur “handyman” to a chimney or fireplace. Additionally, most carriers won’t cover repair costs done by a non-certified worker.

Why you should hire a pro for chimney cleaning, inspection and repair

Training:  Chimney sweeps and repair technicians who hold national certifications have proven skill and verifiable training in performing chimney and fireplace service.

Equipment:  The right equipment is critical to the success of any job. With chimney cleaning, for example, professionals use a variety of tools including rotating brushes, special scrapers and   scrubbers, solvents and vacuums to do the job right.

Chimney Repair in Lenexa, KSSafe repairs:  When performed by professionals, repairs will be done in a way that maintains safety throughout the chimney/fireplace system. Rarely will a certified technician cause any extra   damage.

Pros carry the necessary insurance:  If a chimney tech does happen to damage anything during a repair or cleaning job, he or she will have the necessary insurance to cover the problem. This means you’re fully protected. (Always ask about this before hiring a chimney sweep.)



Recommendations and advice:  A certified chimney and fireplace technician will be able to offer you sound recommendations and advice, based on what was turned up during an inspection   or repair project. Professionals know what to look for, and they know when something isn’t right. Fluesbrothers Chimney & Fireplace of Kansas City, KS, is here to help with all your chimney cleaning, chimney inspection and chimney repair needs. Our technicians are nationally certified, insured and bonded for your protection. Call us any time of year at (913) 236-7141.