Innovations In The Fireplace Industry - Fireplace Service In Kansas City
If you enjoy the warmth of a fireplace, or if your home came with a traditional-looking fireplace, but you enjoy a contemporary design, there are many fireplace options that fit your design style. From the materials you use, to the shape of the fireplace to fireplace accessories, there are a myriad of ways you can enjoy a glowing fireplace with a modern look.

Fireplace repair in Prairie Village KSFireplace materials

You’re not stuck with brick, stone and cast iron when you design your fireplace. One of the biggest ways to give your fireplace a contemporary look is to choose non-traditional hearth materials. Stainless steel, natural stones, concrete, copper, bronze and dramatic tiles can provide a modern and contemporary feel. If you prefer a clean look, you can even build a fireplace directly into your wall with no surrounding hearth.

Fireplace shape

Choosing an unexpected fireplace shape also can add modern flare to your living space. Especially when looking at gas fireplaces, the options are seemingly endless. Long, narrow fireplaces are particularly en vogue at the moment. You can also do a round fireplace; a fireplace can serve as a divider between two rooms; or you can have a fireplace that’s open to a room on each side.

Fireplace fuel

If you choose a gas fireplace, you can choose a less traditional “fuel” to provide your fireplace with a contemporary look. While many gas fireplaces are outfitted with realistic looking logs, those logs can be replaced with natural stones, large glass rocks or other materials for a more modern look. You can even forego the “fuel” all together and just enjoy the look of floating flames.

Fireplace accessories

Fireplace accessories can give you the modern look you seek. Especially, if you inherited a traditional-looking fireplace with your home, selecting the right fireplace accessories can help that traditional fireplace blend with your contemporary style. Fireplace tools, screens, andirons, wood holders and many other accessories can all be found in contemporary designs and materials to update your fireplace.

The unexpected fireplace

With gas and ventless fireplace options, you can even introduce a fireplace into an unlikely room or an unlikely space. There are tabletop fireplaces, indoor fire bowls, wall mounted fireplaces and fireplaces that fit with your entertainment center, all of which can provide you with the glowing warmth of a fireplace with a contemporary flare. An outdoor fireplace can be the perfect, unexpected addition to your outdoor living space.

When it comes to creating a fireplace to fit with your style, your options are limited only by your imagination. If you know you’d like to create a fireplace that fits with your home’s style, consult the experts at Fluesbrothers Chimney Service. We can help you find the fireplace that fits your contemporary taste.