How to Prepare Your Home For Chimney Sweep Services in Kansas

The best way to get maximumChimney Sweep in Overland Park, KS enjoyment out of your fireplace is with ongoing maintenance from a company like Fluesbrothers Chimney & Fireplace. It’s good to know how to prepare your home for a visit from a chimney sweep because the job tends to stir up soot and creosote. Responsible chimney sweeps like ours care about your home. When we are using our equipment, the last thing we want is an accident that causes a permanent mess or breakage of household items. The following are recommended actions to prepare for a chimney sweep and help ensure a positive experience.

Clear a Pathway

As we enter your home, it will save time if there is plenty of space for us and our equipment from the door to the fireplace. Also, put away any pets that may be underfoot and prevent children from entering the area unsupervised. We aim to complete the work thoroughly and as quickly as possible, to minimize your inconvenience.

Cover Furniture

Our methods for providing chimney sweep services are as neat as possible. Chimneys are typically a terrible mess inside, particularly when you have a wood-burning fireplace. We have all of the most effective modern equipment to help ensure that the creosote and soot that may enter your home is minimal. Sometimes accidents happen, whether small or large. It is best to cover nearby furniture and fabrics that could be stained.

No need to worry about the flooring around the fireplace because we cover that ourselves.

Remove Nearby Decor & the Fireplace Items

We suggest that you remove decor from the mantel just in case we accidentally disturb items as we do our work.  We also ask that nearby fireplace tools and equipment, such as baskets of logs, be moved at least a few feet away from the area.

It is also helpful if you remove the fireplace grate and any remaining logs in the fireplace.

Ensure a Cool Chimney

Chimney sweeps can only perform work if the chimney is cool. It is best not to use the fireplace between 24 and 48 hours before the arrival of a chimney sweep.  The reason is that the interior of the flue gets extremely hot and needs time to cool so that work can be performed.

Be Ready to Share Concerns

Whether a chimney sweep is inspecting or cleaning your chimney, it is helpful if you share any concerns you have before work begins. It could save time if the chimney technician is aware of any problems you are having. For instance, is the fireplace smoky? Have you detected foul odors? Are the fires in your fireplace lackluster and you don’t know why?

Freely Ask Questions

If a chimney sweep completes a chimney inspection and advises you of repairs that are needed, don’t hesitate to ask questions. Qualified chimney sweeps are knowledgeable. They can help laypersons better understand the reasons for certain recommendations, as needed.

For example, chimney liners cannot be damaged in any way. If chimney flue damage is discovered during an inspection or cleaning, you will likely be advised not to use your fireplace any further until the chimney liner has been repaired or replaced. The safety of your home and family is at stake if a fireplace is used when the chimney liner is not intact.

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