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Perhaps nothing can cause shrieks of terror and scurrying outside like a swarming wasp. Even worse is the terror caused by a wasp flying around inside your home. Most people abhor the thought of bees or wasps nesting in their home, and if you have a home with a chimney, your home has an ideal place for wasps looking for nesting ground. At the least, it provides them with an entry portal to your home.

In the best case scenario, you keep wasps from nesting in your chimney and from entering you home through your chimney. So how can this be achieved?

Consider a top-sealing dampers

Top-sealing dampers make good sense for a variety of reasons. Chief among them is that top-sealing dampers keep animals, insects, water and debris from entering your chimney. Top-sealing dampers are installed at the top of your chimney’s flue. When they are closed, they form a perfect seal, preventing anything from entering. Of course, when you’re burning a fire and the damper is open, the smoke from your fire will repel wasps, bees and other insects from your chimney.

Have your home sprayed for wasps

Keep wasps out of your chimney & chimney cleaning in Liberty MOOne of the other preventative steps you can take to keep wasps away from your home and chimney is to have the eaves of your home sprayed with an insecticide to kill any wasps and deter them from nesting on or close to your home. This spraying should be done in the early spring, when wasps are beginning to nest for the summer.

Be on the lookout for nests

During spring when wasps are beginning to build their nests, be on the lookout. Check the sides of your home for signs that nests are being constructed. You should be able to safely spray a small nest with an insecticide from the hardware store and knock the nest down before it becomes established.

Consider a decoy

Most wasps won’t build nests within 200 feet of another wasp nest. Wasp decoys, which can be placed around your home to make wasps think a nest already is in place, can be purchased at home improvement stores.

Remove wasp bait

Wasps need food. Accessible trash cans and bird feeders can be favorite feeding grounds for wasps. Keep them away from your home to avoid attracting wasps.

Don’t light a fire

If you suspect that wasps or bees are nesting in your chimney don’t light a fire. If there is a nest or partial nest in your chimney, the debris can fall onto your chimney’s smoke shelf and be impossible to remove. The nest also can ignite and pose a risk to your chimney.

Call the professionals

If you are certain that you have bees or wasps in your chimney, call a professional exterminator to kill the bees or wasps and remove the hive. Make sure you have your chimney swept before your first fire of the fall to make sure that there is no lingering debris.

If you’re concerned about keeping wasps and other pests from entering your home through your chimney, call Fluesbrothers! We can talk to you about the benefits of top-sealing dampers and provide you with advice on keeping your chimney from being an entry point for pests.