4 Important Reasons to Have A Fireplace Screen in Your Home.

Fireplace screens have been around a long time – probably since the first person noticed fiery embers popping out of the fireplace and setting fire to things near the firebox. But it’s amazing how many people still operate their fireplaces without a screen. Fluesbrothers Chimney & Fireplace of Kansas City, KS, would like to share some obvious – and not-so-obvious – reasons you should consider investing in a good fireplace screen.

Folding Fireplace Screen Mission Hills KSWhat is a fireplace screen?

Fireplace screens are barriers that are placed just outside a fireplace. Typically made of metal or another non-flammable material, a fireplace screen should be bought in a size that provides solid protection from particles that could exit the firebox while a fire is burning.

Here are the four reasons to use a fireplace screen.

1. Reduce the chances of fire damage

A wood-burning fireplace can send sparks and embers out of the firebox in two ways: during a downdraft of air coming down the chimney; and when burning logs naturally settle and pop. The fiery particles that shoot out of a fireplace can easily cause burn marks on rugs and furniture. They can also cause nearby materials to catch fire. Additionally, a person too close to the fireplace can be injured by the hot materials. A good fireplace screen significantly reduces the likelihood of the above scenarios.

2. Keep children and pets away from the flames

Every year, young children and pets become injured from playing near an active fireplace. Older kids and adults should know better than to play close to a fire, but young kids and pets don’t always understand this. A fireplace screen places a secure barrier between the fireplace and the room and the people in it. The screen will do a very good job of preventing burns to skin and clothing from catching on fire. It’s important to note that young children should never be left unattended in a room with an active fireplace – whether or not a fireplace screen is being used.

3. Safeguard your glass fireplace doors

If you use a gas fireplace and have glass doors, those doors become very hot during a fire. While not as dangerous as flames, hot glass doors can injure children and pets. By installing a fireplace screen, you’ll keep curious children and rambunctious pets away from the glass.

Metal Fireplace Screen Kansas City MO4. Enhance the appearance of your hearth area

Aside from their safety features, fireplace screens are also nice-looking amenities that bring a touch of elegance to the area around your fireplace. Many different styles, sizes, colors and finishes are available, so you’ll find it easy to add just the right accent to your hearth.

It’s all about fireplace safety

Fluesbrothers is committed to helping our Kansas City-area customers enjoy
their fireplaces (and chimneys) safely. Fireplace screens are one way to accomplish this. Our services include chimney cleaning, chimney and fireplace repairs and complete system inspections, all geared toward bringing safety and comfort to your home. When it’s time to have your fireplace or chimney looked at, contact the professionals at Fluesbrothers at (913) 236-7141. You can also reach out through our handy contact form.