Fireplace Remodeling - Upgrade Your Fireplace - Kansas City KS

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An outdated fireplace really affects the looks and feel of your home. If you’re not using your fireplace, repairs really just feels unnecessary. But if you’re looking to remodel your home, you shouldn’t get rid of your old fireplace! Fireplaces are one of the top 3 amenities homebuyers say they’re looking for when they are looking to buy a house. In some markets, fireplaces can increase the value of a home by as much as 12 percent.

So if you have an outdated fireplace that you want to include in your renovation, what are your options? Don’t tear out that old fireplace. Leave it in place and upgrade it! You’ll find that you have plenty of options for improving your fireplace as you improve your home.

Fix the Brick

For traditional masonry fireplaces, they often have outdated or deteriorated brick that interfere with the look, and perhaps even the safety. You can rehab your fireplace by replacing those outdated brick. You can also rebrick the interior of your firebox. New firebricks can refresh your fireplace, and you can explore interesting bricks or patterns to give your fireplace personality. You can also reconstruct deteriorating chimneys so it serve as a beautiful architectural detail for your home!

Change your fireplace fuel

Often, what keeps people from using their fireplaces is the fuel type. Wood-burning fireplaces are inefficient, and they take a lot of work to ignite, tend and maintain. If your wood-burning fireplace sits unused, consider upgrading it to low-maintenance and easy-to-operate gas with a gas fireplace insert or gas logs. You should also consider a fireplace insert, which offers the cozy, traditional feel of a wood-burning fireplace with far less work.

Give your fireplace a facelift

Hearth styles change over time, so the style of your hearth, from your hearthstones to your fireplace surround, can make your home look outdated as your home gets older. You can give your fireplace a facelift by replacing hearthstones and creating new fireplace surround. New brick, tile or a stone veneer can transform your fireplace and create a stunning focal point for your home’s living space.

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Accessorize your fireplace

Sometimes, upgrading your fireplace is as simple as replacing outdated accessories or adding new accessories. You can replace an outdated mantel with a modern one to accentuate the style of your house. New fireplace doors can instantly give your fireplace an updated look and make your fireplace more efficient. Spark guards, firebacks and an ornamental andirons or fireplace grates can modernize your fireplace and make it more stylish instantly.

Fireplaces are a valuable asset in your home. If you’re ready to renovate, don’t ditch your outdated fireplace, use it to add value to your home! Fluesbrothers Chimney Service is here to help! We can help you renovate your outdated fireplace to make it a beautiful accent in your home today!