Review Your Local Chimney Company - Kansas City Chimney Service

We live in an age of reviews. Perhaps they may seem unnecessary because they are so ubiquitous? Or, maybe you feel like your experience and opinion disappear into an abyss? However, reviewing your chimney company actually helps us to provide better customer service. This benefits not just you, but our future customers, as well.

top reviewed chimney service in Overland Park KSWhy reviews matter

Chimney companies are in a customer-service field. We enter your homes, aim to perform a dirty job without creating a mess or disturbing your belongings. Fluesbrothers try to be professional, prompt, courteous and informative. Your reviews, and reviews of customers like you, help us to see how we’re doing. This provides you with top-notch chimney services, while treating you and your home politely, respectfully and professionally.

Your reviews help us to see what we’re doing right and what we’re doing wrong. Thus, helping us to improve how we serve our customers, which helps us to provide you with better service the next time you give us a call.

Additionally, your reviews help keep us in tune with what our customers want. Reviews are feedback from our customers. Do you wish we had done something differently? Did you ask about a product or service we don’t offer? When you let us know that we’re missing something when you write your customer review, we can update our services or product offerings.  This ensures we’re providing our customers with the line-up of chimney services they want.

How to write a helpful review

When writing a review, there are some guidelines that can help us to understand your situation and point of view.

Some of those guidelines include:

  • Being specific.
    There are a lot of factors that can influence service. When reviewing, it’s helpful to note what time of the year your service was. For example, fall can be hectic for chimney businesses, as well as what day of the week and time of day. Also, let us know exactly which service we were performing for you!
  • Including relevant details.
    Sometimes, important information can be lost in reviews that include too many details. Make sure you relate only details that influenced your chimney service experience. Leave out extraneous details that didn’t affect the service or your experience.
  • Leaving out names.
    If you are calling us personally to talk about your service, telling us which technician you dealt with is fine. However, if you’re providing an online review, it’s better to leave names out.
  • Following a basic review outline.
    There is a great, simple template for writing any review. Begin by relating the details of the situation, including the date and time, and the service that was being provided. Next, go over the relevant details of the service. This is where you can give specifics on your technician, the service that was provided, and your personal experience. Finally, end with a conclusion that wraps up how you felt overall about your chimney service.

Where to write a review

There are many online forums for providing reviews of service companies. We try to stay up on all of our customer’s reviews. Some of the more reputable and popular review sites include Angie’s List, the Better Business Bureau, and Google Maps. Of course, Fluesbrothers is always happy to take reviews submitted directly to our offices, too!