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new fireplace installation in prairie village ksWhile you’re enjoying outdoor activities in summer, remember that cold weather will roll back around within weeks. You may be one of the many homeowners who considers warming by a cozy fire as one of the best things about fall and winter. If so, there is no better time than summer to add a new fireplace, stove, or insert to your home.

Add a New Fireplace, Stove, or Fireplace Insert

Our expert crew of chimney technicians at Fluesbrothers Chimney & Fireplace would be happy to help you choose a new energy efficient fireplace or stove for installation. If you prefer to give an outdated fireplace a makeover, we would enjoy giving your dated hearth the stunning new look you dream of.

Toward the end of summer, more and more homeowners begin scheduling chimney cleaning, repair, and other chimney services. As the preferred chimney experts in Kansas City, our schedules will be full. Beat the rush and get this work done now while the weather is warm, so you’re ready to keep the chill off when the cold temperatures come back.

New Fireplace Installation? Information below can help you choose.

Gas Fireplace

Fireplaces usually always rank as a top three favorite amenity among new homebuyers. If you have a new gas, wood-burning, or heating fireplace installed in your home, it will increase your home value and appeal. Gas fireplaces have been steadily rising in popularity, though wood fires are still number one. The convenience of a gas fireplace is impossible to beat, just as the ambiance of a wood fire is unsurpassed. For efficiency, you can do no better than a heating fireplace.

Wood Stove

The many styles of wood stoves available today would surprise you, if it’s been many years since you last shopped for one. Perhaps even more astonishing might be the level of efficiency wood stoves now deliver, largely thanks to tightening EPA laws. Wood stoves provide radiant heat, and they can serve as a reliable heat source for zone heating and during power outages.

Fireplace Insert

Fireplace inserts provide a complete transformation of masonry fireplaces. With an insert, you can choose from many styles, to complement your décor. Most importantly, you will enjoy a fireplace with 75% efficiency rating or higher, as opposed to a measly 10% efficiency or less typical of open-hearth fires. Choose between a wood-burning, gas, or heating fireplace insert.

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Remember, the weather will soon begin to cool off again and our many repeat customers will call on us for fireplace and chimney services, to prepare for the heating season.

Summer is the best time for upgrades and new installations. At Fluesbrothers Chimney & Fireplace, we can help you choose from among many top brands of fireplaces and stoves plus we can provide professional installation. With our expertise and dedication to quality, you can enjoy peace of mind in knowing that your new heating appliance is installed correctly and according to code requirements. Call us today at (913) 236-7141 about a fireplace upgrade or a new fireplace, stove, or insert.