Summertime Chimney Maintenence - Overland Park KS Chimney Sweep

When summer is in full force, chimneys are usually the last things on homeowners’ minds. While chimney maintenance is usually on fall to-do lists, now is the time to get your chimney ready for winter. Scheduling your chimney services for the summer has several advantages.

Easier scheduling

chimney cleaning & chimney inspection in Lenexa KSBecause most homeowners plan their chimney maintenance in the fall, chimney sweeps’ schedules fill up quickly come September. By calling to schedule your annual chimney sweeping and inspection during the summer months, you won’t be stuck waiting weeks for your chimney sweeping appointment, jeopardizing your ability to use your fireplace as soon as temperatures drop. When you call during the summer, you also will find more appointment slots available to you. This means you can pick an appointment day and time that’s more convenient for your schedule.

Better weather for repairs Summer’s warm temperatures and usually drier weather are much more suited for chimney repairs. When you wait until the fall to schedule your annual sweeping and inspection, you leave little time for repairs. Masonry materials need to be applied and allowed to cure when the weather is optimal. Should your sweep find a problem with your chimney structure in the fall, you risk not being able to have your chimney repaired until weather improves again in the spring. This could put your chimney and fireplace out of commission for the entire winter. Even if you schedule an early fall inspection, the sweep’s schedule may be full for the fall. You might not be able to schedule a repair to have your chimney repaired and ready to stave off winter’s chill.

Time for improvements

Scheduling your chimney maintenance for the summer months also leaves plenty of time for fireplace and chimney improvements! If you have been thinking about upgrading your fireplace with an insert, changing your fireplace fuel type or rehabbing your hearth or chimney structure; if your chimney is in need of a new liner, new chimney cap, new damper or new chimney cap. Or you would like to have your chimney waterproofed to protect it from the cold, wet winter weather, now is the time to schedule your chimney service! You can schedule a consultation to discuss your improvements. Call us to schedule your sweeping and inspection, where you can discuss your desired improvements with your chimney sweep.

Don’t wait until fall to prep your fireplace and chimney for winter! Enjoy easier scheduling and allow for repairs when the weather is ideal. Leave plenty of time for fireplace and chimney improvements by scheduling your chimney services now. Call Fluesbrothers Chimney Service to schedule your annual sweeping and inspection or a consultation for your desired chimney repairs or improvements today!